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The Hunting Dog Podcast features interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Depending upon the time of day, background noises of beers opening and ice clinking may be evident. please grab a drink and join us!!!
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Sep 18, 2016

Dave stopped over to talk about his years with dogs, lessons learned, training with friends, and how to pick a pup from a breeder/farmer. We also cover how dogs and cats will never get along.. and a few great training tips..NOT  Dave also may hold the record for Vet bills and porcupine quills.

Sep 13, 2016

Jason is the Chair of Back Country Hunters and Anglers  We spend some time talking about our most important resource.. LAND.. public land and what we can do to help. As hunters, many of us use State and Federal real estate (which we own) and not many of us pay attention to the possibility of that ever going away. Well in some case's it is.  Listen up and help each other to keep what we need as much as the game animals we pursue, land to hunt them on!!!

Sep 5, 2016

Matt Delorenzo spends some time with me talking French Britts, mountain hunting, guiding, and how not to leave your Dad watch your dogs while your away from home. Great episode with a New York state hunter.

Sep 2, 2016

John Howard from Kinetic Dog Food spends some time with me to talk about fueling our partners in the field. If we only were half as consistent with our own diets, we might be able to keep up with our dogs. We cover stools to supplements, and what to look for in both!! Also cover what our mutts really need. its not a bigger portion of food rolling around inside, its better food with digestable calories.  And a few hunting stories thrown in.

Aug 24, 2016

Wade Kisner and his three boys make some great content on You Tube with Wades "Free" dog. Sweet Lou was delivered by the stork with no warning. And turned into a great Setter by anyone's standard. Adding a second Setter to the family and making upland hunting shows that tell a story, are some of the subject that we talk about.  Enjoy this episode, but dont run out and hire a camera crew.. just yet.

Aug 19, 2016

Jim Ciardelli, gives us the inside scoop on what may be the best of the west. Idaho has many species of upland birds as well as a great flyway for waterfowlers. Jim and his Griffons hike the high and low countryside of of Idaho, from private ranches to public lands. He never runs out of places to chase birds. Some are right in his backyard, where he has self imposed limits on daily take, to ensure the birds will always be there for his dogs.

Aug 17, 2016

This is a recording of a power point demo that Dr Sarah gave our training group. Its a little hard to hear at times.( there were hands on portions that took her away from the recorder) Dr. Sarah does cover alot of everyday stuff that we can encounter with our Dogs in the field and home. I'm sure you'll find a piece or two of good info to take with you in the field this year.

Aug 13, 2016

Dave is the Shotgun Product Manager and pro Shooter for CZ-USA  He's a life long hunter and Springer Spaniel owner. We talk about those little and big things, shotgun patterns, shot size, CHOKES!!! and much more. Dave's Guinness world record of breaking he most clay targets in 1 hour. and even some trick shooting. If you don't learn a little something to improve your shooting from this, than get over to my house and give me some lessons. 

Aug 10, 2016

Eric Ellis is the regional biologist for the Ruff Grouse Society. We talk habitat, policy, dogs, guns, and the movement to sell off public lands, right here in my backyard of Michigan!!  I thought that was a Western State issue until now!!  We better be watching our elected officials, or things that are currently working in our benefit, may vanish.

  Dog hunters need to unite, and thru RGS and other hunter/dog friendly organizations, we can help to ensure future generations the enjoyment of hunting with dogs. We can get all the new young folks and older first time hunters to join our ranks, but without a place to do it? what will we have??

Jul 22, 2016

Great talk with Josh Robinson. From Alberta Canada. Josh does a TV show that brings new hunters to the table. He has some interesting training methods, and some interesting stories. On Point Adventures is what we are looking for to bring our dogs and our friends into the light.  Enjoy!!

Jul 10, 2016

Aaron jumps in to everything with both feet. From Ironman competitions to training his first GSP.  A first year hunter,who already has a Dakota trip under his belt. He and "Spokes "  have earned a prize 1 NA score, and a few legs towards AKC Master hunter. This guy will carry the torch for the next generation of upland/waterfowl dog loving hunters.

Jul 6, 2016

Shane Mahoney is life long conservationist and hunter who sheds some light on our ancestral hunting roots with dog and man. Why we hunt may be as simple as why we still huddle around a fire, or why we watch our favorite quarterback pick his target on a field. This was an eye opening conversation for me and should be for you as well. 

Jun 29, 2016

Bob Plott carries on the family traditions from his great-great-great grandfather who sailed to the Americas in 1750 with 5 dogs from Germany. To settle in the Carolinas and establish the most well known breed of big game dogs,that helped to settle the frontier. Hunting with a Plott Hound is like shaking hands with history

Jun 29, 2016

This may be my favorite episode ever!!  Bob Plott follows in the footsteps of his great-great-great grandfather,who traveled to the Americas in the 1750s with 5 dogs and established them into the frontier culture of the Carolinas. 200 plus years later they are known as one of the best big game dogs ever, Bob still breeds and hunts these dogs. When you hunt with one, its like shaking hands with American history.

Jun 21, 2016

Christine is a hardcore bird hunter in a hardcore land. She packs snowshoe with her when she chases birds, and reads the tide charts before she heads out for ducks. She has more guns and dogs than most of us and in her spare time writes articles on the outdoors and even has a book published!!  Women Hunting Alaska.  its on my summer reading list. 

Jun 9, 2016

Justin Daily and his best friend/Lab named Loney, hits the the waterfowl,dove, quail and pigeons of sunny southern California. He's the next generation of young, dog loving hunters, who put there time in the fields and marshes. His Grandparents family traditions, more so than parental guidance, lead him into this great life that we all share.

Jun 4, 2016

Mike and I talk about his hunting opportunities in California, his Dad and Grandpa helping to shape his passion, and his obsessive hunting addiction. he pushes the limit when it comes to marital bliss vs. hunting season. and we talk about a covey of quail that his family has been chasing for over 20 years!!

May 31, 2016

Brent Pike brings us some info on the Michigan Sharptail Grouse Association. On top of being president of our local RGS chapter, Brent is helping the MSTGA to get new members to sign up and help promote a great group of conservationists/hunters to help yet another cause. Bringing awareness to the sharptail grouse and its future here in Michigan. We also talk guns, gun fit, pointers that dont retrieve and some of our favorite hunting stories.

May 27, 2016

Robin Watson gives us the low down on English Labs and his life long passion of working,breeding,testing and hunting with Labs,Cockers and Spainels. From 5 years old he has been involved with the hunting lifestyle. Now here in the USA Robin is the managing director of canine operations for British Gundogs on a 7000 acre training and hunting facility. Listen and learn

May 21, 2016

Very interesting way to hunt turkeys. Tracey is a well rounded hunter. So well rounded he uses his dogs to pursue his favorite upland bird. I will be trying this in the fall!!! might get my first Michigan turkey. We also talk about a couple of dogs that Tracey bought from me when I was a very novice breeder. He may join in the class action law suit with many others who got some of my first pups.

May 16, 2016

Steffan has owned more dogs than me!!! Always a hound dog lover, but dabbles in Versatiles and Earthdogs as well. Very interesting dog man, with a very understanding wife!!  Runs dogs as much as a person can,and still work and raise a family.

May 7, 2016

A short thank you from me, and a short talk on how lucky we all are to see our dogs thru their entire life cycle. So many times I read a note about how people's dogs have passed. I reflect on how, if were lucky,we get to experience this many times. and a new promo to get stories from YOU and have them read on a future podcast. I will be back in full podcast mode soon. Just had a little thing call work that screwed of my recording schedule. Thanks for listening

Apr 17, 2016

I use to dream of retiring in the west, After this episode I'm giving my self a transfer and relocating to North Dakota. Truly a wingshooters dream. Tyler and I chat about his (free) newspaper dog and all of the opportunities that ND offers. 3 species of upland in his own backyard, ducks and geese, spring snow goose, and sandhill cranes. His job, which gives him a huge advantage in locating game rich areas, and a few other subjects from shot guns to decoys,and beer to bourbon.

Apr 9, 2016

Alaskan upland hunting. Don and Scott tells us what it takes hunt birds in the great state of Alaska. Think its easy? Think again. With only 4900 miles of paved roads in a state that's 1/5th the size of the lower 48. Not to mention keeping bear spray handy as well as a sidearm. But there are a few diehard,dog loving,bird hunters. One of the first things they need to do with their young dogs, is train them to sit still on a snowmobile!!!

Apr 7, 2016

Floyd Green brings 30 plus years of mountain lion hunting experience to the table. This is not a sport for the weak of body, mind, or soul, in fact one might think of lion hunting as going back in time to when man first bonded with the dog and they hunted game capable of killing man or dog. But together, man and hound can best em, (almost all the time) Floyd will go as far as to jam a large branch in the lions face to get it to bite down on that, instead of one of his dogs heads. Now that a dog loving man, in my opinion.

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